I am on a Sabbatical since early last year, Feb 2022.

Highlights of Sabbatical (2022 - 23)

  • I wanted to take a long break without any commitment.
  • I wanted to work on my assumptions and get some mental clarity.
  • I wanted to get some rest after years of anxiety, burnout & focus on my mental wellbeing.
  • I wanted to try and experiment few things, even if I fail atleast I gave try βœ….
  • I wanted to spend some time without any work or expectations.



I conducted the Missingskill Semester, 5 months of industry-based skill training.

  • I decided not to run another batch πŸ™…πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ
  • I didn't want to optimize for an interview and job.
  • I wanted to optimize for skills.
  • 5 months is a long period for an online cohort, 2-3 months should be the max, and kids lose motivation and don’t join the sessions.
  • 2 - 3 is a very short time for freshers to learn any meaningful skill.

It was serving neither of us.

Decided to stop πŸ›‘


I started a small, sustainable skill center in the village, while I was on a few days trip to the village, I met a few driven folks, which led to more students joining.

  • The village center is now run by a local guy who is also learning.
  • My goal here is to enable them with a basic and right set of digital skills.
  • I have no plan to start a paid program in the village.
  • Maybe one day I will start something here in the village 🀞.

The overall progress is good. This was unplanned, this just happened.

I am really looking forward to this how this will turn up in couple of years.

Story of my life

Village Center


I pivoted to a long form mentorship, Missingskill Institute (MI)

  • 18 - 24 months slow online plus offline training, this gives enough time to learn, prepare and absorb all the concepts.
  • Running this in Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) and Ajodhya, Bagmundi (West Bengal).
  • This program is mainly run by Neha (my niece), an MI resident-cum-student and Amit, a student, a local village guy.
  • This started as a paid program in Jamshedpur.
  • Still we don't have any formal setup.
  • I want to continue my MI skill initiative as private tuition only.
  • I have no plan to turn this into a company or take any outside funding.

The progress is good, however the result will be out in couple of years.


Slowly building the Lowcode platform.

This is a generic API product, which help consume other services with a minimal effort.

  • This is being built with help from my MI resident contributor Niket (MCA student), Sonali (BCA) & Neha.
  • I have not decided yet to run this as a formal company.
  • I will hand it over to them in the future.


I bought a big piece of land in the village, I always wanted my own land.

  • This was a long pending in my checklist βœ….
  • I will experiment with 🌢️ farming with the help of locals.
  • I want to have some income of 2 - 3% from farming, also it will help me connect with roots.
  • I will give it to someone to farm and take % of the produce.
Story of my life

I am excited about this, let see how this turns out.


  • I wasn't expecting the covid spillover on health, the fatigue is limiting my movement and initiatives.