Over last 10 years, it was really a roller coaster ride for me, with no direction from anyone in the early days, I manage to sail through the career ocean, these are the island where I took pitstop where I grew a little bit everyday.

  • Servify1 Year 4 Month

    Director of Technology (June, 2019 - Current)

    GM of Technology (Feb, 2019 - May, 2019)

    Day to day I am invloved in the engineering leadership, guidance, navigating the product developement, working on improving the system for scalibility.

  • WSLAB3.2 Years

    Founder & Director (2015 - 18)

    I had the first hand experience running a company and I have to say it's really tough but it added so many learing to my life which will help me in the future. I was wearing double hat for 3.2 years.

  • Remitr via WSLAB2.7 Years

    Tech Head (Consulting) (2017 - 18)

    Engineering Head (Consulting) (2016 - 17)

    Initial Contributor (2015)

    I was involved from the very early days, working directly with the founders, I have worked on a designing to prototypem, architected the system and launched the product. Later unoffically I assumed to tech leadership and I was directing the technology May 2018. This is where I unlocked my real potential.

  • BugClipper1.2 Years

    Founding Developer (2014 - 15)

    Helped build the product over one year period. Work with a team to build a web product.

  • Treashare1.5 Years

    Co-founder & Principle Developer (2012 - 14)

    My first venture with other co-founders, with initial traction failed to monitize the business. Later it was renamed to WizEngage which was part of Startup Chile.

  • 6D Telecom2.4 Years

    Solution Engineer (2010 - 12)

    I was involved in setting up telecom infrastructure at differnt provider location. I was majorly invloved in VAS services

  • Ericsson3 Month

    Solution Engineer Consultant (2009 - 10 )

    I was involved in setting up telecom infrastructure at differnt provider location.